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The company handbook is subject to change. Please review regularly

Work & Family

Revision A1

Section 2.8:  Work and Family


What family rights do I have? 

The Company follows current legislation on all family related rights – i.e.


Pregnancy and Maternity Rights

  • Working when pregnant – your rights and our Health & safety obligations

  • Maternity Leave

  • Maternity Pay

  • Returning to work


Paternity rights, including leave, pay and return to work

  • Paternity Leave

  • Paternity Pay

  • Returning to Work


Parental rights

  • Parental Leave

  • Flexible Working


Adoption rights

  • Your entitlements if you are adopting a child



  • Your entitlements if you have responsibility for the care of another


You should contact the HR Manager for separate guidelines should any of the above apply to you.


In the case of pregnancy, you must inform us as soon as you are able as there may be Health & Safety implications for us to consider.

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