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Changes to personal details

The company handbook is subject to change. Please review regularly

My Personal Details Have Changed


So that we have accurate records for all employees, it is important that you keep us informed of certain changes to your personal status. This helps us ensure that you are able to access all benefits etc to which you might be entitled, to stay compliant with our own policies and guidelines, and to meet the requirements of Data Protection legislation


It is your responsibility to notify the Company of the changes detailed below.


NB: We may process Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) provided by the employee (and where appropriate by third parties) for such purposes as are considered necessary or desirable in the context of their employment.  Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we have an obligation to ensure that all Personal Data we hold regarding our employees is accurate and kept up to date, and we will therefore periodically conduct audits.


You have rights of access to your Personal Data held by the Company. If you wish to access your Personal Data or if you require further information regarding data protection, you  should in the first instance speak to the HR Manager.



What Information Must I Provide?


We would like you to tell us of:

  • Change of Name

  • Change of Address

  • Changes to Emergency Contact Details

  • Life Event changes -for example a marriage

  • Level of Pension Contributions

  • Change of Bank Details

  • Benefit Changes as a result of Life Event changes


You may need to provide documentation  in the form of

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Deed poll for name changes

  • Driver’s Licence



How Do I Let You Know

You can get a Change of Details Form from the HR Department.  When you have completed the relevant details, please return the form to HR.

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