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Good Morning Everyone


We now have our team set up for the Energy Saving project. We are currently looking into a number of suggestions and will be meeting again in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime if anyone has any suggestions please contact myself, Garry Rutherford, Shendah Chalke, David Hall or Ioannis Kourmpanas and we will

present them to the management team at the next meeting.






Dear All


As part of our waste initiative, with immediate effect please separate all plastic wrapping and packaging. Any items with colour on them – even just lettering – must be stored and/or baled separately. There will be an IBC beside the plastic baler from Monday 8th August for any coloured material. Scott and his team will then bale this material separately when they have a sufficient amount. Clear plastic should continue to be placed in the baler as normal.


Thank you for your support in this


Julie Warren


Just a note to remind everyone that in March we registered our Defibrilator on the National network.


This is a positive step which will enable the local ambulance service or any of our neighbouring businesses to access it in the event of an emergency .


If anyone should request access to it, it is now in Goods In on the wall below Scott’s office.  Our First Aiders have the code to open the cabinet and they must advise either Kevin or myself as soon after the event as possible and if it leaves site, to whom it has been given, so that we can ensure that it is returned and refitted.


Thank you


Julie Warren

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