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Revision A1

Section 3.1: General Rules


General Rules

     3.1a Introduction

     3.1b Dress Code

     3.1c Housekeeping

     3.1d Smoking

     3.1e Drugs and Alcohol

     3.1f  Gambling and Betting

     3.1g Private Trading

     3.1h Infectious Diseases

     3.1i Lost and Found

     3.1j Right of Search

     3.1k Parking

     3.1l Mobile Phones

     3.1m Personal Music Equipment

     3.1n Cameras

     3.1o Company Property and Equipment

     3.1p Monitoring

     3.1q Other Employment

     3.1r Confidentiality

     3.1s Security

     3.1t Visitors

     3.1u Electronic Cigarettes

     3.1v Charging of Personal Electronic Equipment

3.1a      Introduction

To allow any organisation to operate effectively, standards of conduct and security arrangements must be maintained. The following rules are designed to make you aware of the requirements which benefit the Company and all of its employees.


3.1b     Dress Code/Personal Appearance

You must ensure that your personal appearance is of a high standard.  Dress code for office staff is business casual apart from Friday which is a ‘dress-down’ day. Employees who visit clients, should respect their dress codes.


Factory based employees must wear appropriate PPE where issued, and dress suitably for their work.


3.1c      Housekeeping

Good housekeeping is very important.  A clean, tidy workplace makes for a better and safer place to work, shows respect for one another and is essential to the quality of our products.


Toilets, rest areas and first aid rooms are provided for your use and comfort.  These are your areas – please keep them clean and tidy.


Remember, the cleanliness of the site is directly affected by your daily efforts to keep your work area clean and tidy.



3.1d     Smoking


In accordance with current legislation, the site is a ‘no smoking’ area and smokers may only use the designated facilities provided outside the building, and may only smoke during designated break times.


Smokers are reminded that smoking can be offensive to others and damaging to health.  In the interest of safety and good house keeping, all employees must ensure that all cigarettes and matches are fully extinguished after use and disposed of in the receptacles provided for that purpose only.


People found smoking, other than in designated areas or during designated times, will be subject to disciplinary action. Company cars are classified as ‘No Smoking’ (Section 4.5)


3.1e      Drugs and Alcohol

You are not permitted to bring alcohol or drugs (other than those medically prescribed) onto the Company’s premises.  Furthermore, no employee may be under the influence of alcohol* or drugs, either while on the Company’s premises or on Company business.


No person will be admitted to the site who is, in the opinion of management, under the influence of drink or drugs.


Employees who, under medical supervision, have been prescribed drugs which may impair their functions, must report the fact to their Manager before commencing or continuing with their work.


The Company reserves the right to test and suspend any employee for drugs and/or alcohol, should there be reasonable suspicion that the employee may be/have been under the influence. Employees found to be under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.


*In line with current acceptable tolerance levels as dictated by current road traffic legislation.


3.1f      Gambling and Betting

Is not permitted on Company premises.


3.1g     Private Trading

Is not permitted on Company premises


3.1h     Infectious Diseases

You must report any outbreak of infectious or contagious disease occurring at the employee¹s residence, in confidence to the HR Manager.


3.1i      Lost and Found

Any articles lost at work should be reported to the MD’s secretary. Any article found should also be handed in to this office.


3.1j      Right of Search

You may be required to allow any vehicle, clothing, bag, locker, drawer or any other receptacle of any kind in your possession or provided for your use, to be examined on demand or on leaving the Company premises, by the management or their nominees.



3.1k      Parking

If you come to work by car, motorcycle or bicycle, you must ensure that you park only in identified parking areas and that you do not park in the areas designated for visitors. As well as parking the correct place, you should do so in a neat and orderly fashion. This benefits other employees who may have to leave in an emergency situation and will also allow proper access by emergency vehicles.


You will be issued with a parking permit, which must be displayed on your vehicle. A security firm operates in the area and your vehicle will be clamped if the correct permit is not displayed. Permits are not transferable between vehicles.


3.1l      Mobile Phones

We recognise that mobile phones are a part of everyday life, however we also wish to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors. Therefore, the use of personal mobile phones during working hours must be restricted where possible to break times.


Additionally, a mobile phone must NOT be used:

  • At any workstation or while operating any plant or machinery (including lifting equipment)

  • In aisleways where pedestrian access and mechanical transport (eg forklift trucks) cannot be segregated.


Company mobile phones may be used for company business, with due regard to the above restrictions. Company car drivers must follow the guidelines in the Car Policy. (Section 4.5)


3.1m    Personal Music Equipment

Like mobile phones, personal music equipment (ipods etc) can cause lapses in concentration and restrict awareness of potential hazards. Therefore, these should not be used on the factory floor or external areas where traffic may be in operation.


3.1n     Cameras

 Unless authorised by management or a necessary part of your job, the use of cameras is strictly forbidden on company premises.


3.1o     Company Property and Equipment

Where you are issued with property belonging to the Company in connection with your work, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is kept in good condition and properly maintained.


If through negligence or deliberate misuse property is lost or damaged other than by fair wear and tear, the Company reserves the right to seek reimbursement for any loss suffered.


Familiarise yourself with and follow the recommended operating instructions when using all equipment.  If a fault develops with any equipment, you must report it to your Manager who will authorise the appropriate action.


3.1p     Monitoring 

The company reserves the right to carry out regular monitoring and review of all its electronic communications systems. You must not assume that such communications, even when used for permitted personal use, is confidential.


In addition to potential disciplinary action under the company’s disciplinary procedure, misuse could also lead to criminal prosecution. If so, it is the company’s policy is to provide support and assistance to the relevant authorities. 


3.1q     Other Employment

For Health & Safety reasons, you should not undertake any secondary employment that could interfere with your rest time, without the agreement of your manager.


3.1r      Disclosure of Confidential Information

You shall not, either during your employment or afterwards, communicate to any other person, firm or company, any confidential information relating to the business and affairs of the Company.


3.1s      Security

You are strongly advised to take great care of all personal possessions, especially handbags and wallets.  The Company cannot accept liability for any loss you may incur for their loss, theft or damage. This also applies to private vehicles left in the Company car park. 


You must comply with all Company security arrangements including agreement to being searched by an authorised person.  You are expected to help safeguard the security of all Company property and you should therefore take care to secure laptops, desks, windows etc and ensure that documents and computer discs are stored safely. 


When being taken off the premises, laptops and other valuable equipment must be locked in the boot in the day time and not kept in any vehicle over night.


3.1t      Visitors

You must ensure that any authorised visitors have signed in at Reception and been issued with a Visitor Pass which must be displayed at all times.


If you see anyone on site who you believe not to be a Company employee and who does not have a Visitor Pass approach them and ask if you can help them, and redirect them to the office area to sign in.


Personal visitors are not allowed in the factory area.


3.1u     Electronic Cigarettes

The rules around the use of electronic cigarettes are generally the same as covered in the smoking policy.


To clarify, you are not permitted to use electronic cigarettes on the site unless in the designated facilities provided outside the building, and may only use electronic cigarettes during designated break times.


Persons using electronic cigarettes are reminded that the potential dangers of using electronic cigarettes are widely unknown and therefore could be damaging to health and may be offensive to others.


People found using electronic cigarettes, other than in designated areas or during designated times, will be subject to disciplinary action. This includes use of electronic cigarettes in Company cars.


Employees are not permitted to use chargers for their electronic cigarettes on site due to their potentially volatile nature, this has been widely reported in the media as an increasing cause of fires.

3.1v      Charging of Personal Electronic Equipment

Employees are not#1 permitted to use chargers for their personal electronic devices on site due to their potentially volatile nature, this has been widely reported in the media as a potential cause of fires.  Items prohibited include but not limited to the following:

  • Laptop/Macbook

  • Tablets

  • Personal music equipment

  • Headphones/ear pods

  • Cameras

  • Mobile phones

  • Portable gaming devices

  • Electronic cigarettes


#1 – You can request use of one charger.  This charger must be PAT tested in line with Company policy (typically annually) by Argus approved company and cost of testing will be charged to the employee.  The label or tag showing item has been tested must remain attached to the item.  Failure to test or missing label will result in item being removed.

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