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Leave for special circumstance

The company handbook is subject to change. Please review regularly

          2.4a Compassionate Leave

          2.4b Time Off for Dependants

          2.4c Medical or Dental Appointments

          2.4d Blood Donation

          2.4e Jury Service

          2.4f Public Duties

          2.4g Standing for Parliamentary Election

          2.4h Volunteer Firefighter/RNLI

          2.4i Territorial Army/HM Reserve Defence

Time off, paid or unpaid, must normally be agreed in advance and is subject to business needs. Leave will not normally be refused, but you should ensure that you give us as much notice as possible to enable appropriate arrangements to be made.


All requests for leave for special circumstances must be made to your manager and the HR Manager. You will be informed if any such leave will be paid or unpaid.


2.4a      Compassionate Leave

Compassionate leave is given at times of family bereavement to employees who have completed one year’s service.


  • For immediate family - parent, partner, child (including adopted or step-child) or sibling – up to three days’ paid leave will be granted.


  • In the case of an in-law, up to two days’ paid leave will be given.


  • For all other instances, unpaid absence from work will be granted to attend the funeral.


Discretion will be exercised in the light of the circumstances of each case. For example, where considerable distance has to be travelled, or where the relative had responsibility for the upbringing of the employee.


Payment will be at job grade rate and the Company reserves the right to request evidence of the reason for the absence.


2.4b     Time-off for Dependants

You are allowed reasonable unpaid time off to deal with an emergency involving someone who depends on you, such as elderly parents. Under these circumstances, you must inform us of your absence as soon as you are able.


This time off is for emergencies only – if you know beforehand that you will need time off, then you may be able to arrange another form of leave eg annual leave or parental leave.


 As with Compassionate Leave discretion will be exercised in the light of the circumstances of each case.


 2.4c      Medical or Dental Appointments

Wherever possible, appointments should be made outside working hours, or as close to start/finish times as possible. Time off to attend will normally be granted, subject to sufficient notification and adequate proof of appointment. You will normally be granted a maximum of one hour paid time to attend. Additional time will be unpaid for hourly paid employees, with monthly paid employees being expected to make up the time lost, to a maximum of one hour.


These appointments are not covered by the Company sick pay scheme unless they entail a full day’s absence to attend hospital as a day patient.


If you are required to attend a series of medical appointments following a period of sickness absence, you should discuss your treatment with the HR Manager.


2.4d     Blood Donation

Time off for donating blood is at our discretion and if granted, will be treated as unpaid absence.


2.4e      Jury Service

If you are requested to attend jury service you should notify us as soon as possible. You will be granted unpaid leave of absence, as you are entitled to claim for loss of earnings from the Court.


You should attend work whenever you are not required on a particular day.


2.4f      Public Duties

Justices of the Peace, local councillors, school and college governors and some others holding a public position, have a statutory right to time off to fulfil their duties. In such circumstances we will consider requests for reasonable unpaid time away from work on an individual basis and in line with the statutory provisions.


2.4g     Standing for Parliamentary Election

If you want to stand as a candidate in a parliamentary election for the UK, Scottish, Welsh or European parliament or the Northern Irish Assembly then you must first seek permission from the Company.  This permission will not be unreasonably withheld.


Once you have been adopted as a candidate, the company will adopt the same policy for paid and unpaid time off as applies to public duties.


If you are elected to Parliament then you will be required to resign from the Company.


2.4h     Volunteer Firefighter/RNLI/Special Constables

If you wish to serve as a Retained Firefighter, or undertake RNLI Lifeboat duties, you must discuss the potential commitment with your manager in advance.


All training – either leading to qualification or as part of your duties must take place in your own time or during annual leave.


If you are called out during working hours, you will not be paid and may be expected to make up your hours.  If callouts become regular and frequent so that they interfere with the needs of the business then management have the discretion to review the situation with you as a performance issue.


2.4i      Territorial Army/HM Reserve Defence Forces

If you are a member of the Territorial Army/HM Reserve Defence Forces, you must give as much advance notice as possible to your manager of any training requirements, and, if required, be prepared to show evidence of your attendance at the training exercise.


Time off must be taken as annual leave.


If you are called up, you must inform your manager immediately so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

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