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The company handbook is subject to change. Please review regularly

            2.3a Holiday Year

            2.3b Entitlement

            2.3b.1 Full Time

            2.3b.2 Part-Time/Fixed-term

            2.3b.3 Part-Time/Fixed-term

            2.3c Requesting/Taking Holidays

            2.3d Sickness During Holidays

            2.3e Holiday carried over from previous year

            2.3f Calculation of holiday entitlement on leaving

            2.3g Deductions

2.3a      Holiday Year

The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December.


2.3b     Entitlement


2.3b.1 Full Time

Your paid holiday entitlement will be specified in your Main Terms & Conditions of Employment.  For full time employees the entitlement is 33 days as follows:


8 x designated Bank/Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Day

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • May Day

  • Spring Bank Holiday

  • Summer Bank Holiday

  • Christmas Day

  • Boxing Day


5 x Company Allocated Days to be taken as notified (normally to cover the Christmas Holiday period


20 x Days. We reserve the right to require you to take part of this leave at specified times to allow for factory shutdown. Details are posted annually on notice boards.


2.3b.2  Part-Time/Fixed-Term

If you work a fixed number of hours over a 5-day week your holiday entitlement will be calculated in days and will be the same as for a full time employee.


If you work less than a 5-day week your holiday entitlement will be pro-rata the full time entitlement and will be calculated in hours but converted into days. In addition, with regard to Bank & Public Holidays, a pro-rated number of hours will be added to your total annual leave entitlement. When your normal workday then falls on a bank or public holiday, you will have to deduct the amount of hours you would have worked from your entitlement.


2.3b.3  New Starters

Your allowance will be pro-rated to the actual proportion of the year you work.

2.3c     Requesting/Taking Holidays

All holiday leave must be agreed in advance with your Manager who will endeavour to meet your request. However, during busy periods or peak holiday times, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests. In these instances, leave will be granted on a first-come, first served basis.


The minimum notice for requesting holidays is twice the duration of your intended holiday. For example, for one day’s holiday, you must give at least two working days’ notice, and for two weeks’ leave, you must give at least one month’s notice.


A maximum of 10 consecutive working days can be taken at any one time.  If you wish to book a longer period of leave, you must discuss this with your manager, giving at least three months notice. Any extended time off will be at the discretion of the company.


If you need to take unexpected time off, you should refer to the Section on Leave for Special Circumstances.


2.3d     Sickness During Holidays

You will not be entitled to sick pay for illness that occurs during holiday absence or Bank Holiday periods, nor will you receive any compensatory holiday.


If your return from holiday is delayed by illness, you must notify us on the day you were due back at the latest, and in accordance with the Sickness Policy, otherwise you may lose entitlement to sick pay.

 2.3e      Holiday carried over from previous year

All holiday entitlement must be taken before the end of the holiday year. except in exceptional cases, where up to 3 days holiday may be carried over to the next holiday year, if authorised by in advance by the MD. No payment in lieu of holiday not taken will be made.


2.3f      Calculation of Holiday Entitlement on Leaving

If you leave part way through a holiday year you will normally be paid for the holiday you have accrued to the date of your leaving, less all days taken.


We reserve the right to pay you for any outstanding accrued holiday in your final salary, or to request you take your outstanding holiday during your notice period.


2.3g     Deductions

If on leaving the Company, you have taken more holidays than you have accrued, an equivalent amount will be deducted from your final salary.

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